Trust the Children, Pursue the Future

Masafo Creation is committed to “Trust the Children, Pursue the Future”. We mainly provides parenting services suitable for the Hong Kong environment. We organizes a series of parenting seminars and activities to promote the concept of happy parenting for the first 1,000 days parents. We hope that everyone can enjoy Happy Parenting everyday ! Believe in the abilities of children to achieve a brilliant future.

I am one of the founders of Masafo Creation and the father of two children. Like everyone, I often worry about my children’s growth process and mental and physical activities with my wife. Later, I learned that Finland has been ranked first in the Parenting Counseling and Happy Country Index for three consecutive years. Therefore, I found Finland Tibala-Tickls Baby Laughs, whose service concept is Every Baby deserves a Happy Children, and became a Hong Kong partner. I hope to introduce and provide childcare services suitable for the Hong Kong environment from Finland.


“MASAFO” is inspired by a kid who has not been through the First 1000 days long, and represents boldness and innovation. This child has entered a stage of fascination with building things, such as building blocks, puzzles, etc.; he will also build a small wardrobe and chair with his father; helping his mother with housework is also a keen interest. This child has been growing up in love, every child deserves a happy childhood.

Suddenly, for a period of time, she put “MASAFO” on her lips, and she asked me to pretend to be mysterious, until one day in front of the computer, she pointed to the screen and said: This is MASAFO! (Pointing to the Minecraft ad) It turned out that she tried to spell out the pronunciation even though she didn’t understand the pronunciation. This is the origin of “MASAFO”.

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